Best of the Foundations mailing list

Over the years, many subjects have come up on the foundations mailing list which have resulted in discussion, argument and shared experiences. This page is a link to the origin of those mailing list discussions in the archives, with the general topic of the discussion. Ideally, we would have pages summarising these discussions into a coherent whole. We could turn it into a book ;) This list is up to date as of April 2008. Some of the most interesting discussions that have come up since the list started are listed below, with links to mailing list posts.


The currently scheduled date

The currently scheduled date for the California 642-457 event conflicts with the 2010 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop which BH0-006 I am organizing. I will try to arrange for an alternate to attend in my place. However, as most of the 642-185
OpenAFS Elders will be at the Workshop, that may prove difficult.