FLOSS Foundations Software Project

FLOSS Foundations spawned off a software project (of sorts). If you are interested in software systems to help in the management of non-profit organizations, join the Foundations Software list.


Jeffrey Altman: Spring HEPiX

Jeffrey Altman: Spring HEPiX the week of 000-118 April 19 to 23 and the AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop is the week of May 24 to 29. Stormy Peters: April 8-12, April 642-971 14-15: Linux Collaboration Summit 1z0-053 (in San Francisco), April 18-25th: Peru free software event, April 29: Event at CU law school

Accounting for Open Source

I am the project leader of TurboCASH Accounting. How can I be off assistance?

I looked at your Wiki - these are all complex solutions.

What I have is a straight up and down count - the - cash Accounting system. It can interface to OSCommerce and VTiger and that is all you really need. It is in fact simple to interface to most of the CRM and CMS packages. Just apply resources.

Try it out at www.turbocash.net