Free/Libre/Open Source Software Foundations

In January 2005, David Ascher, Brad Kuhn, Allison Randal, Sam Ruby, and a handful of others met to talk about Perl. As usually happens, they ended up talking about a great deal more than just Perl. As they talked they realized that the PSF, ASF, FSF, and TPF are all doing similar things in various different ways. Some ways are more efficient than others, some are easier to maintain, and some don't quite work but people keep doing them because they haven't found a better way. They found it incredibly valuable to share their experiences, their plans, their hopes, their disappointments. So valuable, that they decided to invite a larger group to join them in a series of meetings focused on FLOSS community leadership. From these small beginnings, we've grown to a group of 150 members representing over 50 different open source organizations and projects.