Processes for FLOSS Communities

Kaliya Hamlin

Key Ideas

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Other threads of discussion

  • Where is the value in standard conferences?
    • People noted that early on, they followed the standard tracks in conferences and then later found that the value was in meeting people (aka "The Hallway Track"
  • How can you capture the result of face to face meetings?
    • Have expert meeting documentors and facilitators
    • Record and then clean up afterwards
    • People documenting meetings shouldn't be afraid to ask for clarification
  • It is great to know what processes various groups engage in - that really helps us innovate as a group
    • How can we get more of these?
  • How can we balance formality vs. improvization?
    • Don't be afraid to break stuff
    • Don't be afraid to start a bit faster, sloppier, etc.
  • How do we communicate better with people?
    • How can we enable better communication between the FLOSS community and the public?
    • How does this matter?
    • How the hell can we sum up this discussion? Sounds like a good topic to work on tomorrow?

Green Software

A neat alternate term by Julian