FLOSS Foundations Software for Nonprofits

Donation Management

  • LedgerSMB – Not Ready Yet.
    • Josh creating software from scratch.
    • Discussed funding, etc.
  • OpenERP / TinyERP
    • Need to check out – can we adapt it?
  • DonorWare proprietary. Probably won’t open source.

Event Management

  • PentaBarf Content Management
  • Linux Fund RSVP system – BETA
  • Eventnations – O’Reilly System, may be open sourced.
  • People using Meetup.com – expensive


  • SugarCRM, vTiger
  • Concursive
  • CiviCRM
  • Aldil French membership management software


Why not just use payroll services? Too difficult to maintain rules/taxes yourself

  • Paychex

Working Group

TBA. Josh Berkus, Bradley, Others.