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Might provide advice: Wim Vandeputte,,

North America

Dormers Screenprint

112 S Edwards St
Newberg, OR 97132 (45 minutes from downtown Portland)

Comments: Used with success by The Linux Fund for T-shirts and Buttons and Banners. Reasonable pricing, not killer, but excellent customer service including short deadlines

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Used by PDX PERL Mongers in 2008: Hyder Graphics in Beaverton.

~$12/shirt for 52 with the american apparel shirts and a single color on each side. Around 7 days turnaround.

Used by PDX PERL Mongers in 2006: in SE. They were pretty good to work with and have supposedly done a quicker turnaround when they have shirts on-hand. Perhaps no USA-made shirts.

1-800-BIG-DOGS or email

Comments: Attractive pricing and quality, not yet verified with an order. Comments: quality and price concerns


Comments: Can produce pins, fobs and other non-shirt items

If you want a custom-printed memory stick in Europe, harass Michael Dexter for the link he would need to dig up.