Usage Data Collection- Policies, Technologies, etc.

Some notes on groups that do data collection in order to have a better idea of the size/character of their users.

Mozilla (in particular, ‘automated update services’) opt-out; all data is gathered purely from information in http headers in updates, so no extra tech built in.

Wordpress (look for ‘update system’; can’t find other details)

CiviCRM (current system) (proposed collection for next release)

no privacy policy/data retention policy yet, but do md5 the URL of data submitters. Do not discard IP numbers from that log file; feel they probably should.

found it useful; twice as many Joomla-based users as expected



data heavy- more to get a sense of what features people are using, rather than how many users there are. opt-in as a result of privacy concerns; over 30K opt-in users.

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