FLOSS Foundations at OSCON 2007

The meeting is a place for the people who try to Get Stuff Done at various open source projects and non-profits around open source to congregate, share information, and pick each others’ brains.

When? Where?

July 23 and 24 in Portland, Oregon (USA). The summit was held immediately before OSCON, at the Oregon Convention Center.



Topics discussed on each day.

Day 1: Round Table Discussion

  • Introductions
  • OpenICD: Open source as business retirement path. Licenses, structures for new foundations. Easing others in while founders ease out.
  • Why Not Donor Listings?
  • Lunch
  • European Incorporation
  • Elections & Governance
  • Basic Fundraising Techniques
  • Open Source Business models
  • Open Source as a badge of honor
  • Time management for the chronically over-stimulated …

Day 2: Round Table Discussion

  • Introductions
  • Open Source & Trademarks
  • “Powered by”, giving credit for use of a project
  • Bookkeeping for NGOs
  • Software for managing open source foundations: payouts, receipt, SQLLedger
  • Steel cage death match where we as leaders of the FLOSS community triumph over the crap that is the US trademark system
  • Open Patents
  • Bookkeeping for NGOs, European Incorporation, Why Not Donor Listings?, Elections & Governance, Basic Fundraising Techniques
  • Open Source & Trademarks (Tuesday)
  • Copyright, trademark, patents, etc.. Governance.

Action items

  • Wiki page that links to all CLAs for open source projects, resource for new projects. (Don’t start from scratch.)
  • Separate mailing list for software discussions. (Call for input from mailing list.)
  • List best vendors (shirt production/sales, etc.) on Wiki
  • Invite someone from Debian to join mailing list
  • List of software freedom related 501(c)(3)s
  • List of companies who do employer matching
  • Ask about approved charities for employer matching at key 10 companies