FLOSS Foundations at FOSDEM 2007

A Foundations dinner was held Saturday, February 24 at FOSDEM (February 24 and 25, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium).

FOSDEM Attendees

Allison Randal – a Perl Foundation Director, works for O’Reilly.

Greg Stein – current Apache Chairman, works for Google.

Sander Striker – current Apache President, works at Joost. Scheduled arrival on Saturday.

Thom May – an Apache Member.

Nick Kew – an Apache Member.

Gervase Markham - Mozilla Foundation employee.

Wytze van der Raay – Stichting NLnet financial advisor

Zaheda Bhorat – OpenOffice.org and Google

Dave Neary – the GNOME Foundation and OpenWengo

Cornelius Schumacher – KDE e.V., works at Novell.

Sebastian Kuegler – KDE e.V.